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My First Art Blog - About Me Artist Andrea Goldsmith

Hello! Welcome to the blog of contemporary artist Andrea Goldsmith. I have been writing blog posts in my head for many years but never got around to writing them down. I will try to recall my thoughts here. This post will not be very pretty as I am still figuring everything out but I don't want to delay any longer. I am an artist currently living in Delray Beach in the Palm Beach area. I moved here a year ago from Miami by way of Brooklyn, New Hampshire and New York City.

My main focus for the past twenty years or so has been my abstract painting but it wasn't always the case. My abstract imagery derives from drawings and paintings from many trips to Italy and later Spain. I started as a landscape painter in Nantucket where I first took classes. It was a long journey and many classes at the Museum School in Boston to develop an abstract vocabulary in my artwork and become an abstract artist. My original website from 2007 was to showcase these paintings. The development of this process can be seen in the Abstract Paintings Gallery. Times have changed and my site has expanded to include portrait and pet commissions, an online store featuring my original art, and gift items and accessories.

I have always been interested in portraits and the subject in its natural surroundings. My mother was an artist and her main interest was portraiture. I grew up with the smell of oil paint as the dining room table was her studio. I was surrounded by paintings of nudes which my friends found very amusing when they came to visit. I didn't start painting until I was 29 and my son was one year old, as I was intimidated to follow in her footsteps. That seems a late start but it is already a very long time ago.

I studied the figure in New Hampshire where I was living when I started painting and I attended figure drawing sessions. I was very involved in the New Hampshire Art Association and New England art community for many years and have many talented friends and wonderful memories from those years. I included the figure in my early paintings, the favorite of many being The Retirees. This is a large oil painting of my parents, both now deceased, in front of the original Diplomat Hotel in Hollywood when they first retired and moved to Florida.

I started painting custom portrait commissions at the request of several friends and I continue to do so. While my mother was a painter, my father was a dancer. I started dancing before I started painting, in NYC when I was 22 and had recently graduated from college. I took jazz classes and I thought I was so old at the time. Little did I know that I would start partner dancing and competing in ballroom in my 40's. My ballroom dance paintings reflect my time as a competitor and the many dance competitions I have had the fortune to watch.

I have a beautiful studio in Delray Beach. I will be sharing videos of paintings in progress with you, new artwork, and my thoughts about painting so please sign up for my mailing list on my website and follow me on social media. And please share with your friends! Thanks for reading!

PO Box 7746 Delray Beach, FL 33482

(561) 810-1472

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