Artist Statement


Architectural elements such as grids, gates, hearts, and passages symbolize the passing of time, changes in direction, barriers to communication, lost love. These fragments of buildings can also be seen to represent home or a longing for stability, a struggle against the transient nature of life and relationships. I love color and texture and I am always exploring how color and line come together to form the structure of a painting.



                                 "Surprising juxtaposition of forms, and richness of paint."

                                   --Jon Imber, artist; Juror, Concord Art Association Concord, MA





















Goldsmith lives and works in Miami, Florida.  Goldsmith’s work found a larger audience in 2016 with her participation in numerous art fairs. In December her work was exhibited at Satellite Art Fair at Art Basel in Miami and at Barcelona International Art Fair.  In September Goldsmith’s work was shown at ArtExpo 2016 in Milano and in March at Clio Art Fair in New York City during Armory Week.


 Goldsmith spent many years dividing her time between New Hampshire and her native New York City. It was in New England that she began painting after the birth of her son. She studied at the Manchester Institute for the Arts in New Hampshire and took workshops in Nantucket. Andrea studied with the well-known artist Wolf Kahn through Art New England in Vermont, and studied at the Museum School in Boston.


She exhibited her work extensively throughout New England during those years, including a one-person show at the Little Gallery in Nantucket, group shows at the Currier Museum of Art, and Lassonde Gallery in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Goldsmith was proud to receive 1st prize at the Concord Art Association in Massachusetts by the juror, the late artist Jon Imber, and 2nd prize at the Distinguished Artists Exhibit, from the artists George Nick and Lorette Coleman.


Andrea moved full-time to Brooklyn. That year, Met Curator of Paintings and long-time friend Susan A. Stein curated a one-person exhibit entitled "Promises" at Bliss Bistro in Queens, NY. Andrea was invited to participate in the Contemporary Art Fair at the Javits Center in New York City in 2011. She exhibited at Giacobetti Paul Gallery in DUMBO in Brooklyn, and MadArts Open Studios in Park Slope in 2010. Goldsmith's work was also at the Gowanus Open Studios, Brooklyn Artists Gym and Nars Open Studios in Sunset Park. She travelled to Ferrara, Italy in 2008 for Traces of Memory at Estense Castle.


Goldsmith is best known for her colorful, painterly abstractions of the Italian landscape based on memories. She has lived in Miami since January 2013 and the vibrant colors of the area have found their way into her paintings.




Andrea Goldsmith Resume




"An outstanding expressionistic architectural memory."
Meredith Hyatt Moses, Co-Director Clark Gallery Lincoln, MA; Juror, Concord Art Association Concord, MA


"Lovely, close color values and beautiful surface texture. A timeless feeling of stone and earth. One returns to this painting to try to solve the mystery of its being."
Loring W. Coleman, George Nick; Jurors, Distinguished Artists Exhibition,
Concord, MA

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